Recap The Glades: Episode 7, Cassadaga

Episode 7: Cassadaga

Sara Weston, a psychic in her mid-30s, sits at a table giving a reading to Britney Newhall, a professional-looking woman in her early 40s. Sara, holding Britney's hands, predicts that a man will be entering her life. Sara calls Britney a "curious soul" and tells her that she sees Chicago, but is unsure why. "Chicago" doesn't mean anything to Britney. Sara tells Britney that Cassadaga plays a big part of her life and she sees she has been there many times. During the reading, Sara flinches multiple times, almost as if in pain, but continues. Suddenly, she stops and the blood drains from her face. Sara abruptly tells Britney the reading is over.

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