Recap The Glades: Episode 9, Honey

Episode 9: Honey

A sudden crash interrupts a large crowd of people having a good time at Blues Rock Casino. Glass shatters and rains down as a woman's body smashes on top of the roulette table as guests point up at the ceiling.

Josie Tigertail, a young, beautiful Native American in a Tribal Police uniform, waits at the Employee Entrance of the Blues Rock Casino as Jim Longworth arrives. Longworth asks Josie if she's the first officer on scene and she tells him she's an Investigating Officer and introduces herself. Longworth comments that "Tigertail" is an uncommon name and Josie explains that she's a Seminole Indian and welcomes him to the reservation. She tells him the victim is Sally Bird, a casino executive and Vice President of Operations. She was also an important tribal elder. She fell from the twelfth floor of the hotel overlooking the casino skylight.

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