Recap The Young & The Restless: Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paul gives Nina a key to his apartment. When Nina leaves, Christine pulls Paul into another kiss. She stops it before it goes too far. Christine takes off and Paul follows her out. Nina arrives to witness it. Later, Nina asks Paul what he wants. 

Sharon informs Adam that although he left her out of the suit, she will help the people he is suing in anyway she can. At the ranch, Abby steps up to defend her father when it looks like Jack is willing to throw Victor to the wolves to save the Abbotts. Meanwhile, Skye is upset to learn that Adam is suing everyone at the cabin, except Sharon. Michael decides to run a second background check on Meggie. Skye asks Jack to invest in the Newman Fund. 

Nick and Sharon get into an argument when Nick accuses Sharon of encouraging Adam’s behavior towards her. While watching a sports game at the bar, Nick and Christine end up in a flirtatious kiss that turns into a heavy make-out session that Phyllis ends up witnessing. Phyllis doesn’t see Christine’s face and assumes the blonde with Nick is Sharon. 

Billy and Victoria get into an argument over who is to blame for Adam’s duplicity. They end up locking themselves in the bathroom at the trailer. The two eventually end up in the shower just as a fireman arrives to free them. Later, the fireman ends up busting in the bathroom door on a naked Billy and Victoria. 

At Colleen’s grave, Abby, Traci and Ashley talk to Colleen and inform her that Lily’s cancer is in remission and about the twins. 

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