Recap The Young & The Restless: Friday, August 20, 2010

Unable to console a crying Faith, Sharon is torn about calling Nick after their earlier fight. Phyllis is shocked when she runs into Sharon and realizes Nick was making out with someone else. At Jimmy’s, Nick gets a call that Summer is back in town and takes off to see her. Phyllis busts Nick on his hook up at Jimmy’s when he stops by to see Summer.

Phyllis goes to Gloworm to blow off some steam and is stunned to see that the new bartender is Deacon. Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick share a family moment with Summer and Faith. Nick asks Sharon to move back in to the ranch. Later, Phyllis finds herself in an unexpected kiss with Deacon and then slaps him.

Christine makes a quick phone call, saying that she is leaving town. Ronan tries to stop Heather from helping Paul find Nina’s son. Meanwhile, Paul informs Nina that he is going to try to track down Aidan’s roommate. Christine admits to Nina that she loves Paul, but it is in the past where it belongs. Christine calls Ronan and reminds him that once this case is over Nina deserves to know her son. Later, Christine and Paul say goodbye.

Victoria gets upset when it looks like Victor won’t protect her to the D.O.J. and instead is demoting her. Jack tries to use emotional blackmail to get Billy to walk away from Victoria, but Billy refuses. Victor forces Victoria to choose between him and Billy and Victoria chooses Billy. Victoria resigns from Newman. Billy asks Victoria to move in with him. 

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