Kathy Griffin Lets 'The Talk' Hosts Touch Her Boobs (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin Lets 'The Talk' Hosts Touch Her Boobs

Freewheeling comedian Kathy Griffin appeared on 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated). But before Griffin could speak, host Julie Chen issued a disclaimer: "[Kathy's] opinions are her own ... We are not responsible for anything that comes out of her mouth." As it turned out, it wasn't Griffin's mouth that Chen needed to worry about.

Griffin was pleased by the disclaimer, adding that her own shows had a warning for "adult content." "Which sounds kinda like porn," she said. This was good foreshadowing on Kathy's part, as she managed to make the talk show fairly porn-y, fairly quickly.

Chen joked that a team of lawyers were watching the show -- and were ready to censor Griffin's every move. In response, Griffin began pointing to different sections of her body. "I wanna talk about this part ... and then these parts." With her last gesture, Griffin pointed to her breasts -- which somehow set off a flurry of boob-grabbing by the 'Talk' ladies.

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