USA! 'The Biggest Loser' Works Out with the Marines

USA! 'The Biggest Loser' Works Out with the Marines

Alison announces to the contestants that we're at the halfway point, but of course, things will get crazier. It's going to be "an all out war," meaning that the Marines are coming in! For some reason, Alison grimaced as they came in, and I imagine it's been a long day for her already. Frado is delighted to see the Marines because he joined the Marine Corps at 17 (he also learned the truth at seventeen . . .). I will be playing the Biggest Loser Workout Game along with tonight's episode so I've already eaten a piece of Halloween candy for Alison phoning it in (but it fell on the floor after I unwrapped it. Damn.)

The Marines tell the Biggest Loser Contestants that they'll be sweating (among other things) like the United States Marines. This week is going to be . . . intense. The contestants tiredly oblige as the Marines run them outside and have them put on vests and helmets. I bet everyone on the blue team is kind of wishing they had been voted out instead of Adam.

So the next morning, presumably, the contestants have to suit up in their gear and no one is more excited about it than Frado. Next the Marines fly in two big helicopters and again, some are more into it than others. They ride around in the helicopters for a nice view of Camp Pendleton before landing to meet Alison. Alison tells them a few vague directions, "follow their lead, follow their orders, follow that road," and sends them off to "hit the barracks." But somehow they figure out that it's time for a fast-paced hike up a dirt road. Brendan tells us, "if you don't work as a unit, YOU DIE!" and I'm counting that as sounding like the mafia (15 jumping jacks!).

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