Where is Ellen????? And who knew Posh was so smart????

I have watched American Idol for a lot of the seasons and couldn't have been happier when I heard they have replaced Paula with Ellen! I think that it was a great decision on the producers part! Change is good! I hope you all can agree..but I bet there are a lot of Paula fans still out there!

I did notice that Ellen wasnt on this episode well I'm assuming its because with her talkshow it would have been hard to make the on the road additions. Maybe someone can fill me in on my assumptions.

However they are bringing in guest judges which is long overdue! Their first pick of the litter, well as one guest stated "David Beckham's wife". Also known as Victoria "Posh Spice". I will probably get lots of comments for this but I am not a fan..I just dont see the intellect there, however, she is the one with the multi-million dollar empire and I am not.

The auditions were hilarious, Im rooting for Maddi, the girl with the 11 other brothers and sisters. She did great!


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