'Mike & Molly' 1x07 Recap: 'After The Lovin'' - Starpulse


After spending the entire weekend with Mike, Molly finally returns home, only to be greeted by Joyce and Victoria, who are desperate for details. Apparently, 'we had a very nice time' doesn't cut it, and poor  Molly gets dragged into answering more questions that she ever wanted to. Mike is on cloud nine after his weekend, and he can't wait to share it with the world- starting of course with Carl's grandma. She's absolutely thrilled for him, happy that Mike is finally doing so well. Carl is just glad that Mike "finally did the nasty". His grandma warns Mike that he needs to show Molly how much he appreciates her, and Mike gets it in his head that he should buy her a gift, maybe "sign her up for the fruit of the month club!"Molly is also a pair of cartoon wings away from floating throughout her house; she's been so happy, Victoria found her singing in the shower. However, when Mike calls to say good morning before she heads off to work, she's downright reserved, talking politely and getting off the phone as fast as she can. Joyce and Victoria aren't entirely sure what's up with her, considering her earlier happiness; Molly just wants to make sure that things move at a slower pace, or else she's worried she'll just end up doing what she always does with men, "I'll end up sending them mushy poems and buying them stupid gifts." 

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