'16 and Pregnant' recap: We'll Always Have MySpace

"We'll always have Paris." "You complete me." "I remember the first time Jasmine showed me you on MySpace..." The last of those quotations may not ever crack the top 100 (or even 1 million) most romantic lines ever uttered in front of a camera, but in case you forgot what kind of show you were watching, there was Felicia, teenage mom-to-be, reminiscing about finding her future boyfriend in cyberspace. Ah, youth. Felicia and Alex may or may not be the poster children for online dating, but after being together for two years -- and using approximately two condoms -- they found themselves with a baby on the way.

This week's episode was a classic example of a nice, "goody-goody" girl blinded by her love for an undeserving and disrespectful boyfriend. While Felicia took the initiative to enroll in night classes prior to senior year in order to stay on track for graduation, her boyfriend -- who works part-time at a barber shop, and spends the rest of his time dancing in a crew (sorry guys,ABDC you are not) -- became increasingly distant. Alex showed total disregard for Felicia's mother Reina -- The woman's name is Spanish for queen! Show some respect! -- and the ability to cast a spell over Felicia, convincing her that moving out would be a better option. Felicia claimed she would have nothing, or more specifically be financially "dead" without Alex, to which her friend Pearl (wise beyond her years) replied, "It's crazy that he has that much power."

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