'Project Runway': Tim Gunn weighs in on Gretchen-gate

It’s been four days since the apocalypse. Four days since Nina Garcia and Michael Kors’ nonsensical whims du jour hijacked Project Runway and stuck us with the lousiest winner in the show’s history. I’ve calmed down considerably since writing my post-show recap — I no longer feel the need to type in all caps — but I’m still driving myself crazy trying to make sense of what happened. So many questions! How did Gretchen go from eliciting Nina’s death stare with her "crunchy granola" Birkenstock ensembles in the semi-final to having her "finger on the pulse of fashion" in a matter of days? Because she put her models in some high heels? Put some gel in their hair? Isn’t the point of the show to anoint the most fashion-forward designer, not the one who’s responding to current trends? Did Nina and MK want to punish Mondo for not heeding their advice about the so-called "circus-y" motifs? Did the show’s producers insist on a female winner to appease the Lifetime audience? Or is it more sinister yet: They wanted to create a controversy to keep us talking about the show. If the latter, then, congratulations. Really. Stellar job.

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