Stargate Universe 2.06 "Trial and Error" Recap

 Stargate Universe 2.06 Trial and Error Recap

In an episode that echoed vintage Star Trek, last night's SGU gave us a clear leader in the age old battle of who's the true commander of the Destiny. Let's just say the losing party isn't to be trusted after this defeat...

He Might Command This Crew, But I Control This Ship...

After Col. Young finds out that his wife Emily wants a divorce (and is serious about it), our fearless leader shuts down while the crew wonders what the hell is his problem. Camile and TJ each try to get him to talk, but the Colonel doesn't accept it, choosing Brody's alcohol for his therapy instead.

This is where the problem starts, because Col. Young has a vivid dream of the Blue Man Group aliens attacking again and wanting Chloe returned to them immediately, but the dream ends horribly with the ship exploding after the aliens open fire on them. At the next meeting with scientists, Col. Young orders for the weapons systems to be worked on, because of the crucial point of his dream dealing with weapons malfunction. Camile, as well as the other scientists, sees this as a problem given the last time they tried to work on the weapons systems, someone got hurt. The colonel has another dream, which features the shields working properly until more alien ships show up and start blasting the Destiny until it goes up in flames again.

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