'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Incompetence and Incontinence


On "How I Met Your Mother": We're back to the very choppy days of last season this week, with a directionless episode about Goliath National Bank making PSAs about how much it cares. Barney makes one. New incompetent guy Randy makes one. Bob Odenkirk (Bossman Arthur) makes one. But Marshall refuses. He just can't be one of the GNB liars, and he will never ever fire anyone. But Randy really is incompetent, and he keeps shredding valuable contracts. So, eventually, Marshall lets him go.

After a dream in which Randy shoves himself down the shredder, Marshall begs Arthur to let him rehire him, so Arthur does. The catch is that Randy was super-excited to be fired with severance because he wanted to use that money to start brewing his own beer. The unfortunate thing is that he names it Wharmpess (say it aloud), which is his last name. He tries hard to get fired again, but Marshall won't do it until he tastes a bottle of delicious Wharmpess.

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