'Cougar Town': Ian Gomez on dancing, working and Penny Can


This week's "Cougar Town" features something the show hasn't really done before: A primary story that pairs Andy (Ian Gomez) and Jules (Courteney Cox).

"There have been brief little things [with Jules and Andy], but this is the first episode where that's the main story," Gomez tells Zap2it. "I'm very happy for that. ... I'm thrilled they gave me the opportunity to work with Courteney so much."

The episode, "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)," revolves around Jules' 42nd birthday. As a gift, Andy proposes to take her dancing: "We realize everyone has a direct connection to Jules except for my character," he says. "I'm the husband of her best friend, and I always considered we were friends, but it turns out Jules thinks of me not in that way. So I try to reverse that."

Gomez also talked with us about how the show has changed since it started, how his character sometimes reflects his own life and his Penny Can prowess. Some highlights of the conversation:

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