Family Guy: Season 9 - Review


Never let it be said that Americans don't understand irony or the subtle nuances of satire. Nowhere else in the world will you get shows like Family Guy, with quantity in spades and quality in scores.

This latest boxset charts the continuing rise of Seth MacFarlane and team as they go from strength to strength, ever streamlining the process of pop satire. It's not all pointless mockery either; they're getting on board with their own agendas. Say what you like about Fox, they do let an awful lot of controversy slip into their schedules, including herein a song and dance about the merits of cannabis, swathes of tongue-in-cheek anti-Semitism, and even an unapologetic lancing of Fox News itself.

Having said that, the set also includes the jokes that didn't make the cut, and a full half hour of jokes that didn't even make it past the censors. Needless to say, it's a mixed bag of WTFs and ROFLs.

The ‘Road To The Multiverse’ episode is their masterpiece in stylistic variety, hopping from one visual format to another, with a terrific take on the Disney mode among others. The full uncut episode, plus a‘Making Of’ featurette are included, as well as creator commentaries for most of the 15 episodes, which are very enlightening about the hard work (and fun) that these guys go through. Brilliant stuff. 

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