Survior 21.08 "Company Will Be Arriving Soon" Recap

 Survior 21.08 Company Will Be Arriving Soon Recap

This week's episode begins at the La Flor camp after Jill's ouster.  With birds picking apart a carcass, Marty comments that the vultures are circling.  He's a "dead man walking," and that without Jill or the Hidden Immunity Idol, he is totally exposed.  Fabio arrives with Tree Mail.  He unwraps it, and hands a key to Brenda.  There is a map inside, and the note instructs La Flor to pack up all of their belongings and follow the map to their new home.  It's time for The Merge!  Marty believes this to be amazing news because he thinks the original La Flor members of both current tribes  will be jockeying with each other for position, making him  possible safe.  "I'm back in the saddle again," Marty cheerily states.

Espada finds a large chest at their Tree Mail, with the instructions to not open it until they receive the key.  Further, they should make room because "company will be arriving soon."  The tribe brings the chest back to camp while discussing the new phase of the game.  Benry confesses that everyone needs to start fending for themselves.  Of all, Alina needs to be the most worried because she is still the primary target of those on Espada.  For her part, Alina suggests to the group that they try to oust Marty first, but no one seems to be digging her plan.  As NaOnka explains it, Alina "is a one woman army."

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