Undercovers 1.07 "Assassins" Review

 Undercovers 1.07 Assassins Review

Last night, Undercovers gave us Samantha's "cover" story on why she left the CIA five years prior, but like Steven's explanation last week, I hope that it's more to their stories than what was given.

Lima, Peru

As Peru's President Elect is about to officially be inaugurated as the country's president, a sniper prepares his weapon and is ready to do some damage.

That sniper happens to be Steven Bloom.

Three Days Earlier...

Los Angeles, California

As Steven playfully nags Samantha for getting too involved with the lives of their clients, Lizzy informs them of a potential client waiting in their office. The client, Jennifer Anthony, happens to know Sam personally from their days at Yale. Jennifer brings up a piece of Sam's past in journalism school about how a professor named Schilling thought Sam was a genius. The mention unnerves Sam, who reports that Professor Schilling died in a car accident. Thanks to Carlton Shaw, the Blooms are called off before we learn more.

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