Modern Family 2.07 "Chirp" Review

 Modern Family 2.07 Chirp Review

After two very funny weeks of Modern Family, I thought the season was taking off to greater creative heights.  Then this week happened.  As I've said before, even "bad" episodes of Modern Family are better than most of the schlock on TV that passes itself off as comedy, and not every good episode of the show needs to have some unifying theme, but in almost every way, "Chirp" was a bust.

This episode felt like the people sitting in the writers' room looked up at their big board of story ideas, threw darts at the board to get the three families' plots, then forgot that they had to write the show.  The day before the script was due, the writers remembered they needed to turn insomething, so they did the best they could, but had no chance to go back and refine anything.  The result was the almost laughless (thank you Nolan Gould for saving the episode) entry that aired this week.

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