Fringe's Alternates Grapple with Empathy

The alternate versions of Olivia and Walter may be playing for the same side on Fringe, but that doesn't mean they share the same objective.

Anna Torv's alt-Olivia, who the producers call Bolivia, was sent to our universe by "Walternate" (John Noble) on a mission to infiltrate the Fringe Division. However, a twinge of empathy has begun to creep up on Bolivia as she realizes this universe isn't filled with soulless devils as she was told. "It starts off as a mission; she has her own life and her own lover, but slowly as they embark on this, it's difficult for her.

"She still has her world view, which is that this side is fundamentally destroying hers," Torv continues. "Towards the end of her time here, she will inevitably end up [empathizing]. I'm interested to see... when she ends up back in her world, how she's going to feel about it then. That'll be the real telling point."

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