'Cougar Town' recap: The Gong Show

Welcome back to "Modern" Cougar Town! In "Fooled Again: I Don't Like It," Jules turned the big 4-2. It's so great that she's dating an older (in her own determined mind) guy! DEFINITELY NOT A COUGAR. Ever the true friend, Jules pitted everyone against each other in a terrifying gift-giving contest. "Anything would be fine, as long as it's perfect and shows how much you care about me." No pressure. Laurie and Grayson teamed up (or so he thought) to dethrone Ellie, The Gift Whisperer.

I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't a big twist at the end involving a second round of gifts on the stunning level of the rocket ship and photo of his father that Ellie had randomly gifted Grayson in order to show The Gift Whisperer's power. Seriously, Ellie, an antique gong? Come on! If Jules hated Asian art as much as Laurie claimed, Ellie would definitely know that. It is not like her to be duped so hard! Oh, well. The gong delivered on sound effects and the scene let us know that Bobby had gifted Jules with a TUB OF GUM BALLS for their tenth anniversary. That alone makes it all worthwhile.

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