How Many Times Can 'Doctor Who' Really Regenerate?

The Eleventh Doctor

On last week's episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures", a much anticipated line was finally uttered. It was a line that confirmed once and for all how many times the Doctor, the greatest (and lately the only) Time Lord in history, could actually regenerate. Or did it?In a 1970s episode of the long-running sci-fi hit, the Doctor claimed that his kind, the Time Lords, could regenerate -- essentially change their faces and begin another lifecycle -- just twelve times. This number was given only once in the show and yet it has seeped into fandom consciousness and grown tough roots. With the Doctor currently on his eleventh regeneration, it seems the BBC was eager to change the number. For good reason too; it wouldn't be wise to cut the show off two actors later simply because of a throwaway line in one episode from over thirty years ago.

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Nov 13, 2010 7:40PM EST

there has been refrences all the way through the doc series right back to the first one and in the movie that a time lord has 13 regenerations its not just one throw away line it is also known that the master exceeded 13 regenerations by trickery so there is a loop hole and can be exploited. also regeneration can be stopped hence the docs hand giving tennant a extra series.

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