THE MIDDLE “A Birthday Story” Review

The Middle Season 2 Episode 7 - A Birthday Story

Brick learns the true story of the day he was born while Axl learns that hot isn’t everything in the "A Birthday Story" episode of THE MIDDLE.

"A month! You didn’t know it wasn’t me for a whole month?" I had a feeling Brick’s birthday story involved a possible baby switch, but that there was an actual switch lasting for a month give or take a day, is awesome. "Eventually we figured it out, after the authorities came." I love everything about this story. The build-up with Frankie walking into a door, Mike’s bribery, and Sue’s eeping is well done and I like the flashbacks to each family member starting the story with different weather before faking an interruption. Even the decoy story with sauerkraut by the sink that Frankie pulled out of her a– is great.

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