Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 15 "Winner Announced" Review

Tonight was the night all the fans of Hell's Kitchen have desperately been waiting for. Who Won? Was it the underdog mom Holly or the Blue Haired Chef Jay? Many fans of the show would be fast to admit that Jay has been the strongest competitior all season and that Holli doesn't stand a chance, but what happened tonight?

I do miss the renovations of each side of the restaurant that we have seen in previous season's of this show but tonight the battle was on between the two love birds. And there was no love at all tonight as these two were after the prize not each others affection. Each of them had to make 5 entrees for four judges including the current Chef for the restaurant in London, England. And not only this but it was judged in front of tons of fans of this show.

Jay won with competition and figured that he has this in the bag. And when it came time to pick just who will help them cook dinner service from previous contestants, it seemed the red team vs blue was back and men were against females. In the end, Holli and Jay were placed behind the two doors with only one unlocked showcasing the winner of this season. At this point I figured yep easy one..Jay. But WHAT oh my...Holli's door opens and she is crowned this years winner! Well she does have a talent but I am sure she shocked the nation!


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