The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 9 "Three Men..Two Continue" Review

For those of you that didn't see all the media previews for tonight's episode of The Bachelorette your jaw just might hit the floor. This week however there was a lot of video spoiling about Frank and him breaking Ali's heart. And of course tonight we see just what happened to send this year's Bachelorette is utter tears.

Frank went back to Chicago to see if his feelings for his ex Nicole were still there. He claims that he wanted to make sure it was over in order to continue moving forward with Ali, since he was certain he was falling in love with her. But ahhh Frank, he realizes quite the opposite and finds himself torn between two loves. And of course he chooses the ex. But not before flying to Tahiti and telling Ali that he can not continue because of her. Of course Ali doesn't take this news very well. Personally I figured Frank would make it to the end. She seemed to be the most attracted to him over all the others. But alas a Bachelorette finds out that sometimes you fall for those that are not good for you.

Ali did have two amazing overnight dates with both Chris and Roberto. And she has two outstanding finalists to chose from and I have no clue as to who will be standing with her at the end. This show is drama filled every season. And it was a great night to see just how great the producers protray storylines to make any viewer craving for more. Next week is the reunion show and I hope Frank will be there for that!


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