'America's Next Top Model' recap: Gondola, Baby, Gondola

Italy! Land of romance! Bedrock of artistic culture! Place where you...sweat...profusely! You know, normal Italian stuff. This week's Top Model was fundamentally unsurprising, and yet totally satisfying. Was it the fully telegraphed plotline? Chelsey's accurate, yet oddly chilly, narration? Or was it that we've just done this 15 times before? Whatever the reason, I'm back to being in love with this cycle.

We opened with Liz insisting that she was going to be more "present" in the competition, which guaranteed that she'd be the one to get the boot. Seriously, show: We all know that the first modeltestant to state her case on any given episode is the one who'll be sent packing at the end. The adios edit is both a thing of narrative perfection and an instance of head-slapping obviousness. Sort of like the series generally.

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