The Vampire Diaries 2.08 "Rose" Review

 The Vampire Diaries 2.08 Rose ReviewYou would think that I would be getting tired of saying that this was yet another action packed episode, but "Rose" continues this incredibly strong second season and in the first of two mythology heavy episodes it really didn't disappoint. 

New vampires were introduced who represented the old world; Rose and Trevor who have been on the run for 500 years after helping out a certain Katerina Petrova and Elijah who is one of The Originals. Elijah shows that he has strength beyond anything we have previously seen, not only swiping Trevor's head clean off his body (nice work special effects department) but also surviving a very huge stake to the chest, even after his face has gone all grey and veiny. These three new characters provided much of the mythology exposition and it sure helps that Elena would ask so many questions as it didn't feel clunky in the delivery.

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