Big Ticket Birthdays on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Big Ticket Birthdays on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

If your life was getting too boring, don't worry, it's Thursday and it's time for our weekly dose of the extravagant lifestyles afforded us vicariously through The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor's daughter is turning 4, not 40, FOUR, so Taylor is throwing her a birthday party and getting her diamonds. Not rhinestones, not a charm bracelet--diamonds. The creepies over at the jewelry store recommend the Barbie collection, which I didn't even know existed. This is not happening! The jewelers convince Taylor that each little girl at the party needs a necklace from the Barbie collection, in addition to Taylor's necklace that will match her daughter's. As someone who finds a dime on the ground and says, "jackpot!" this is unfathomable. Also, is it just me getting used to them or do Taylor's lips look a little less inflated?

Lisa VanderPump, my favorite Beverly Hills Housewife, is having her daughter, Pandora home for dinner. Pandora is old enough for diamonds, if anyone is. Max, Lisa's 18-year old son, has been getting in trouble so he was sent away to Idaho. This is, apparently, the worst punishment the Brits can come up with.

Adrienne Maloof has kids, too. She has three boys, ages six, four, and four (twins). Like most young children, they have fun saying things like, "poo poo butt." Just watch an episode of Supernanny, they love it. If anyone can handle parenting, you'd think it would be mega-mogul Adrienne, but she tells us it's tough. There is no hope!

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