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'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Lessons in Love and Vampire History

'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Lessons in Love and Vampire History

The new chapter of The Vampire Diariesis very old, going back to the beginning of vampire history. In this episode we got a brief lesson on the Originals, the introduction of three new vampires and two new romances heating up. Elena was kidnapped by Trevor (played by Trent Ford, aka Zoey's French boyfriend Jean Paul on The West Wing) and Rose (played by Lauren Cohan, aka Supernatural's sly thief Bela Talbot), a pair of vampires hoping to cut a deal with the Petrova family to get of trouble they've been in for 500 years. It seems Trevor helped Katerina Petrova (aka Katherine) escape from her family.The two want to make a peace offering to the Originals, the first vampire family, by giving them Elena, the Petrova doppelganger, whose sacrifice can break the curse of the vampires. They call in Elijah, a very old, very bad-ass vampire who shows off his strength by punching Trevor's pretty little head off before surviving a vervain grenade and having a hat rack shoved through his chest.

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