Is This Why Michael Scott Will Leave The Office?

Now leaving Lackawanna County!

Wait, what?

On Thursday's episode of The Office, Michael Scott almost left Dunder Mifflin Sabre in the dust to help build a school in Mexico. Although he didn't quite make it south of the border, the episode seemed to set up Michael's impending exit, which star Steve Carell has been talking about since July.

During the christening of little Cece Halpert, it was one stab to Michael's all-too fragile self-worth after another. First, he found out he was unsurprisingly not chosen to be Cece's godfather (that honor went to some guy named Seth that Pam met at Mommy and Me). Then, he was mercilessly mocked by Kevin, Stanley and company for trying to convince everyone to volunteer together (you know, to go to Africa or send some cheerleaders to regionals).

"What is so horrible about wanting to get together and doing something nice," he asked.

Michael sensed something might be missing from his life. In contrast to his co-workers at Dunder Mifflin Sabre, the youth ministry also at the church welcomed his presence, greeting him with warm welcomes and hand-shakes. So rather than put up with his cynical colleagues, Michael embraced the holy spirit and the free hugs, and followed them to Mexico to build a new school.

But Carell's time isn't quite up and Michael didn't even make it out of the state of Pennsylvania.

Michael's epiphany may be the first signal that one of TV's best — and worst — bosses is really on his way out the door. If his work family refuses to fill the void left by the lack of a real family, then isn't it time Michael go out and give it one last chance at finding someone to truly share his life with? For all of his hair-brained ideas and short-lived decisions, Michael has talked about wanting to hear the pitter patter of little feet in his condo since the beginning of the series. So isn't it about time he really fought for what he wanted?

What do you think? Does Michael deserve a break?

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