Top Moments: Jon Stewart's Dueling Musical Trains and Walking Dead's Zombie Pain

Here are our Top Moments of the TV week:

12. Best Use of Chardonnay: To promote her new craft book on the Today show, Amy Sedaris knows just how to get Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford's attention: wine! Sedaris teaches the two hosts the importance of stretching before and after crafts. First, reach toward your glass and then make sure to swirl the wine using all your arm muscles. Bonus points to whichever producer got Kathie Lee and Hoda to wear those awesome bonnets.

11. Best Reunion, Part I: Once again making people's dreams come true, Oprah Winfrey reunites all five Backstreet Boys (Kevin Richardson, sadly, left the band four years ago, remember?) on her teen heartthrob episode. The guys croon their signature tune, "I Want It That Way," as grown women — including Winfrey — sing, sway and swoon along, proving one thing: Girls never get over their girlhood crushes. Let's shoot for 'N Sync next time, OK, Auntie Oprah?

10. Best Use of Vlasic: Nothing says pregnancy like a jar of pickles, right? And what better way to document the life-altering experience of growing another being in your belly than posing with Renaissance Faire-sized pickles shoved in your mouth? OK, sharing one with your man, Lady and The Tramp-style, comes close. Oh, Phaedra, please show us more of your sophisticated Southern Belle tastes on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Please. 

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