'Fringe' is back and recapped: 'If I get ambered, just leave me in there'

Fringe Season 3 Episode 5 - Amber 31422

As soon as Fringe introduced the notion of its alternate universe containing areas where people are encased in amber to prevent further disruption to its universe, it was inevitable that there would be a story line — or as proved to be the case this week, an entire episode, entitled "Amber 31422? — devoted to the novel technique.

Early on, we saw two guys break into an amber-alerted area. Using a "home-made laser knife" (jeez — me, I have trouble installing winter storm windows), they broke into a quarantine zone to free someone who’d been preserved in the dark-yellow stuff. (Outside, amidst wreaths and memorials to those similarly entrapped, there was a prominent sign: "Resin Is Wrong" — more proof that a chunk of the Earth 2 populace is not on-board with what the government is doing to control their world’s steady degradation.)

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