'Bones' recap: Skeleton Dancer

A typical episode of procedural TV is both a murder mystery and a highly subjective guided tour through one particular subculture. That's especially true of Bones – you could practically list episodes as "The One with the Amish," "The One with the Guidos," "The One with the High-Class Hookers," and "The One with the British People." It's sort of like an introductory sociology course, wrapped up in a detective story, with lots of witty banter and barely-repressed sexuality. Take last night's episode. Sure, there was a murder, and lots of nifty gadgets (lasers!), but half of the episode felt more like a PBS investigation show: Bones and Booth Take On…Modern Dance!

At the episode's beginning, the victim's skull is buried in cement. (It was discovered by an exciting skateboard montage, which apparently just escaped from 1991.) Turns out that there was an entire skeleton under that cement -- and despite the best efforts of returning intern Vaziri, the most the team could get out of the exposed bits was a dental tattoo. Angela had the big idea to use a helpful Laser-Goo machine, which somehow managed to take an imprint of the cemented skeleton and create a fake blue skeleton. I have no idea if this is actually possible. (I hope not, because if we've created machines like that but still haven't built a moon colony, we've truly wasted the last few decades of human history.)  Cam perfectly summed up the Laser-Goo device: "I'd like a 6'4'' 34-year-old with good income and no mommy issues." (Message to Cam: All men have mommy issues. Settle for a man with a good therapist.)

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