'30 Rock' recap: DIHC's Last Resort

On last night's 30 Rock, "Gentleman's Intermission," pregnant albino ninja Avery (Elizabeth Banks) asked Jack to take a pause in his ongoing mentoring of Liz Lemon. Obviously, this couldn't last -- the Donaghy Mentor Experience is the whole point of the show! Plus, as Jack quickly learned, no one could measure up to his standards for DIHC (drive, intelligence, humility, chaos) quite like Lemon. Jonathan clearly wasn't driven enough because he refused to slice off his perfect boss' pinky. Self-absorbed Tracy lacked humility and Jenna, "an unceasing onslaught of dysfunction," failed the test of intelligence. Dr. Drew called her "unfixable"! Avery, a two-time closet case on the cover of Organized Livingmagazine and therefore not a candidate for chaos, coolly scoffed at the mere notion that she might need another person in any way. Does she ever...listen to herself? Why does everything smell like onions?!

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