Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 12 "4 Chef's Compete" Review

Well we are definitely winding down this season and only have four contestants remaining on this season's Hell's Kitchen. The opening of the show was definately on a lighter note tonight as the remaining Chef's were definitely brown nosing to Chef Ramsay. I guess you will try anything to get in his good graces. Ramsay showed them how to make a signiture fish dish and they in turn had to make it for a student. Holli spent this time to flirt with her student and even forgot to turn on the grill.

But the biggest dissappointment would have to have been Ben. Jay ended up winning and I think he must have been the happiest man alive because he won a date on the goodyear blimp with none other then Holli. I am starting to think this is "Love's Kitchen" rather then "Hell's Kitchen".

During the dinner service tonight Autumn fell apart when she just couldn't get the spinich right. Jay lost focus with his team mates and Ben just seemed overall confused. I sat here and wondered if maybe Ramsay chose the wrong final four, could this really be the talent of a final four in Hell's Kitchen? Jay ended up coming out on top for the dinner service and was asked to nominate two other contestants. Jay chose Ben and Autumn. Autumn was understandable due to the spinich fiasco but Ben? I think Jay was thinking of his love for Holli on that one. But in the end Ramsay sent no one home and brought out the famillies instead.

A happy ending to tonight's show. A rare occassion but a real treat.


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