Is Parenthood Getting the Axe?

If NBC's Parenthood is facing the axe, it's news to executive producer Jason Katims. "It's the second time I've heard this today," he told TV Guide Magazine at the annual Autism Speaks event in Los Angeles on November 4. Katims said he had not read the E! Online article that suggested that his show might be in danger as a result of no new episodes airing in December, but was quick to kill all negative speculation.

"If that rumor came out of not airing in December, that's been the plan from the beginning," he says. "The network has been extremely supportive of the show and wants it to be successful as much as everybody on the show does. So their scheduling is very much part of making us successful. [They want to] air the episodes at times when it has the most chance of being seen by a large audience."

Katims confirms that Parenthood has received a full order for 22 episodes, which he plans on delivering, "unless they know something I don't know, which is these days quite possible," he laughs. "But I think the network has been very supportive and there hasn't been any signal at all that they were pulling back from the show."

Are you happy to hear Parenthood is safe?

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