'Fringe' Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

'Fringe' - 'Amber 31422'

Thank goodness the San Francisco Giants were able to dispatch of the Texas Rangers in five games. Otherwise, the return of 'Fringe' would have been delayed another week, and two weeks without was plenty. In this episode we returned to the other side, where we saw that both Twin Towers are now fully standing.

At the end of the ep, I was struck by how powerfully it connected this season and, in its own way, both disparate universes we've been following. It would have made for a much stronger pre-World Series cliffhanger. Plus, when the show came back, it would have been in "our" universe, which would have made more sense to any potential new viewers.

As it was, though, for those of us who've been with this show for the long haul, we finally got some payoff to this back-and-forth. Last time we were Over There, Olivia was fully entrenched in Fauxlivia's life, and we got to watch her on a case. This time around we got another case, but we also got a deeper look into the amber process that's such a big part of this world when a brother managed to remove his twin from its encasing after four years and found him alive.

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