BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Dog Ed Pursuit” Review

$#*! MY DAD SAYS Dog Ed Pursuit

Funny how a show these days can have a clever episode title no one watching ever sees. Like "Dog Ed Pursuit," the latest installment of BLEEP MY DAD SAYS.

Vince and Bonnie are trying to get Ed to come over for dinner, as he’s never been over their place. At the same time, Henry agrees to watch their bulldog, Root Beer. At their real estate office, he meets the boss Katie, a brassy (and horny for Henry) blonde (Missi Pyle from "Boston Legal" and "Two and a Half Men"). She agrees to give Vince and Bonnie a listing back if he’ll go out with her. Then, Henry has to edit an article and leaves Root Beer with Ed and they bond.

So much so that Ed shows up for dinner at Vince and Bonnie’s — to see the dog. Vince is more dejected than ever and after Ed leaves before dinner, she heads back to his house (they finally reveal here they only live a couple of blocks aways) to give him a piece of her mind. Ed comes back and attempts to make nice with Vince, who falls asleep on his shoulder while Bonnie’s out walking the dog. Meanwhile, Henry shows up at the realty office where Katie’s in a trench coat, which she throws off to reveal black lingerie. Of course, she wants to do the nasty. The very nasty. And kinky, putting the dorky Henry through the ringer. He ends up at the end back with the dull girl from a paint store he’d been dating, happy, sort of (And if you didn’t know about no real white paint existing, you do now).

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