COMMUNITY “Aerodynamics of Gender” Review

Community (NBC) Aerodynamics of Gender

Abed’s inner Mean Girl goes rogue while Jeff and Troy find a mystical trampoline in the surreal "Aerodynamics of Gender" episode of COMMUNITY.

"Bring it in for a boob bump, ladies. No? We’ll get there." Ah, girl (and Abed) bonding that goes horribly, horribly wrong. While I wish more time was spent on the Britta/Shirley/Annie versus Megan and crew before giving it all over to Abed’s litany of insults, Abed is absolutely awesome as Robobitch Cop. "Classification: Bitches." There are too many great insults to list, but "Tell that to your uneven bra padding. You look like you’re smuggling a lime and a coconut" is probably my favorite. Well, next to "Even Tom Cruise knows he’s short and nuts," but I don’t think that counts because it wasn’t meant as an insult. Danny Pudi does a terrific job of looking inquisitive while keeping his face wiped of any actual emotion as he scans the room for his next target, even insulting the poor defenseless juice box. Chang’s spot-on reaction shots, including one of the best milk snorts I’ve ever seen, are hilarious, and I love "This was brought to you by the letter S, as in snap." Hilary Duff doesn’t make much of an impression until the end when she rocks Abed’s destruct codes. "What’s up with your face? It’s like your mom was a lizard who got raped by a Muppet."

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