Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 22 "Love All" Review

Well tonight's episode of Brothers & Sisters took a different speed in the entertainment race. The previous few weeks have been full of suspense and emotional drama and tonight lacked some of that draw. However, it still did bring a lot of great storylines and some small surprises.

Tonight focused a lot on Sara and Luc and how the adjusting to Luc moving in has taken a toll on Sara's eight year old son Cooper. The boy starts acting up and Sara is casting away his behavior as nothing, leaving Luc feeling like an outcast. We have seen nothing but lovey dovey scenes from these two, so tonight was different to see that relationships do have their bumpy sides as well.

Another focus tonight was that of Justin and Rebecca. Ever since Justin attended his fallen comrad's funeral he has been dwelling on the army. Rebecca decides to put an offer in on a house she found and Justin flips off the handle. But don't let this slip by Nora, she tells Justin that she is, "on to him". All in all tonight was entertaining and fun to watch. It wasn't one of the best this season but still a great night none the less.


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