The Mentalist Review: "Red Hot"

Billionaire Alert!

I never saw the end of "Red Hot" coming.  I really thought that Lisbon would continue to blow off Walter.  He may be rich, handsome, and charming, but as Lisbon pointed out, he is also egotistical, arrogant, and entitled.

I liked that Walter seemed really taken aback when he found the bullet hole on Lisbon’s shirt and the reality set in for him that someone could get hurt. I also enjoyed their flirty banter throughout the episode.  And, as much as the Jane/Lisbon fans may disagree with me, I'm glad that Lisbon and Walter ended up together.

Lisbon deserves a little fun and Walter seems like the man to give that to her.  Do I think this is a long-term relationship?  Probably not.  But I also don’t think Jane is anywhere near ready for a relationship with anyone, even Lisbon.

That said, being Walter’s girlfriend may have its risks. "My girlfriends are all mad by the time we break up," he said.

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