CSI Review: "Bump and Grind"

CSI Season 11 Episode 7 - Bump and Grind

CSI opened this week with a force fed meal and a body shredded to pieces. But while the storyline on "Bump and Grind" was delightfully wicked, what I really relished were the slivers of character insight.

I admit it, when Brass shined a light on the eyeball in the back of the truck, I squealed with joy. I like my CSI episodes sort of gross because that makes them fun.

It was nice to see pretty much all the CSIs getting down and dirty, too. Having Sara, Hodges and Greg play Roshambo for the honors of sorting out the human "yuck" from the rest of the shredded debris was fun, and still got the job done of providing the audience with clues.

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