Recap Days of Our Lives: Wednesday 09/01/2010

EJ threatens Nicole and tries to kill her. Daniel arrives and stops EJ. Nicole is rattled and fears that EJ will eventually succeed in killing her. Daniel promises he won't let that happen. He sees a softer side of Nicole as she breaks down. Daniel believes the EJ thing will blow over. Nicole hopes EJ will get what's coming to him. Elsewhere, EJ pours a stiff drink and tells Stefano that he's thinking about kidnapping his kids and leaving town. Stefano tries to talk him out of it. Kate overhears them. Later, Stefano and Kate go to their yacht for the night, and a despondent EJ contemplates shooting himself.

Rafe convinces Sami to play hardball with the custody of her and EJ's children. Sami and Rafe make love. Sami receives a call from Kate about EJ's plan to take the children. Without telling Rafe, she slips out of bed and makes her way to the DiMera mansion. Sami finds EJ, who has passed out from drinking... the loaded gun nearby.

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