Recap Days of Our Lives: 09/03/2010

Sami has nightmares about EJ. Rafe comforts her as she tries to cover her edginess. Later, Rafe proposes marriage. Sami questions why he would want to be with her. His answer makes her accept his proposal

Stefano and Kate discover EJ, who has been shot in the head. They rush him to the hospital. Stefano agonizes over possibly losing his son. 

Nicole tells Chloe how lucky she is and warns her not to screw things up. Later, Nicole changes her mind about staying in Salem. She asks to borrow money from Chloe and Daniel to leave town. Daniel refuses and convinces Nicole to stay. He receives a phone call and learns that EJ was shot. At the hospital, Daniel calls for Carly and tries to save EJ.

Ciara still resents Carly's presence. She asks Bo if Carly is the reason Hope was sent away. Bo has a hard time explaining the truth. Carly helps him and gently tells Ciara that Hope is sick and that she would never want to keep a mother and daughter apart. Later, Carly gives Bo an out to their relationship â€" if he wants one.

Gus gives Vivian forged goodbye letters from "Maggie." Meanwhile, Maggie confronts Brady about his drinking. Victor wonders if the DiMeras will retaliate for his minor infraction of their truce. Victor decides to use this excuse to send Vivian to Tahiti. She is touched, thinking that Victor really does care for her.

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