Supernatural 6.07 "Family Matters" Review

 Supernatural 6.07 Family Matters ReviewOhhhhh. Things just got interesting. Tonight was the night whenSupernatural truly got its grove back in season 6. Don’t get be wrong, I adored episode 6.04 "Weekend at Bobby’s". But that wasn’t a typical Supernatural episode. The real suspense has been steadily building as the episodes progress and for a few minutes I felt like not much was going to happen tonight. I mean, sure, they went to search for the alpha vampire, and we found out that Sam was lying. But then the scene between the Winchesters and the alpha vampire occurred and, from that moment on, it was like one crazy revelation after another.

But we’ll get to that.

Yeah, Cas, We Knew About the "No Soul" Thing. But Thanks For Telling Us

The episode picked up almost exactly where the last one ended. Dean had beaten Sam unconscious, brought him back to a motel and called in Castiel to try and figure out what was wrong. Of course, I’m fairly certain everyone who reads the internet and watched the promo for this week knew that Sam had no soul. So that’s no surprise. Which actually turned out to be fine, because the fact that Sam has no soul didn’t turn out to be the most important thing about this episode.

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