Promo - Supernatural 6.08 "All Dogs Go to Heaven"

 Promo   Supernatural 6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven

Well, I have to say that the twists that appeared in tonight's Supernatural gave me pause.  I was certainly not expecting (spoilers if you haven't watched the episode!) Samuel to be working for Crowley.  Or for Crowley to have been behind everything or even for him to be holding Sam's soul ransom.  And all to find, and take over, Purgatory?  What is that all about, huh?  If you missed the episode, check out our recap & review.

Obviously Sam and Dean are knee-deep in Crowley's business now, and it looks like Dean will be grudgingly working for him in the next new episode airing on November 12.  How long do you think Dean will last before he turns against Crowley and tries to find another way to retrieve Sam's soul?  Also, is it wrong that I find Sniper!Dean so hot?

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