Amber Tamblyn on House's Newest Team Member: She's Brilliant, But Incredibly Awkward

Since Thirteen's departure on House, Princeton-Plainsboro has been a revolving door for the female doctors trying to fill the void. Now the team has found a keeper — and she's not even a doctor.

Meet hyperintelligent, third-year med student Martha Masters (played by guest star Amber Tamblyn). Despite her age and lack of experience, Cuddy forces House and the team to give Martha a chance, but her morals clash big time with House's style.

"She is incredibly brilliant, but sometimes she can be very socially awkward," says Tamblyn. "She's almost like a younger version of [House], only she believes in the ethics of truth-telling to a fault, just in a same way that he believes in lying to help you find the truth to a fault."

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