'Desperate Housewives' recap: Jail-Spouse Shock

"Humiliation—it’s not always something we can avoid," Mary Alice, full of the wisdom only a disembodied narrator can impart, announced last night. Certainly our beloved women of Wisteria Lane have had more than a few brushes with public embarrassment (um, Susan’s Big Comfy Couch costume, anybody?), a fate I hope doesn’t befall me in writing this recap. Your peerless chronicler of all the happenings in Fairview, Tanner Stransky, ran the New York Marathon today, so I, Christian Blauvelt, like a new neighbor bringing a basketful of muffins in greeting, have subbed in for this week’s episode, "A Humiliating Business." And what an episode it was!

Let’s start with that gasp-worthy cliffhanger, shall we? At last, Felicia Tillman (my beloved Harriet Sansom Harris) made her return to Housewives and revealed herself to be none other than Beth’s eight-fingered jailbird mother! And just like that, Beth’s presence on this show means something!

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