'Brothers and Sisters' recap: Radio Drama

Last night's Brothers and Sisters, "Resolved," introduced us to Dr. Karl (guest star John Terry), a tall and exceedingly benign handsome man who was instantly smitten with his radio station colleague, Nora Walker. He can quoteThe Great Gatsby from memory but had trouble spitting out a reasonable sentence in the presence of Nora's powerful halo of kindliness, deep concern, harsh judgment of character, and Boniva. Dr. Karl took the liberty of nicknaming her "Noradrenaline" a day after they'd met, explaining that it's the approved name for the hormone that causes our "fight or flight" response. According to the internet, this is actually true. I am learning so much!

It looks like they'll toy with us for a few weeks by having Dr. Karl and Nora be "friends." Someone who is not related to Nora needs to listen to Nora, Karl decided. Nora, fresh off a crying spell having seen a mother wave to a little boy on a school bus, could barely contain herself.  "I don't even remember what it's like to have a friend!" she gushed. She's such a committed mother that even her very, very grown-up adult children have kept her too busy to make even a single friend since she first became a parent. Uh-huh. This seems extra nutters to me; then again, I can't remember Nora ever having, mentioning, or using the word friend on the show, so what do I know? (Besides noradrenaline.)

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