'30 Rock' scoop: Michael Sheen's Wesley Snipes will likely make a comeback!


Michael Sheen isn’t ready to say goodbye to Wesley Snipes, his30 Rock alter-ego, just yet. The Wales-born actor told EW exclusively on Thursday that there is "a very strong chance that he will make another appearance."

"We have talked about it and we kept it open," Sheen said while attending the 19th Annual BAFTA LA Britannia Awards in Los Angeles. "We’ve all enjoyed the character and I loved working with Tina. She’s quite brilliant and writes some of the best jokes to poke fun at Brits. But she’s currently romancing that damn Matt Damon character so I am on the sidelines for a while."

In the meantime, Sheen said he’ll start donning the red contacts in December to play Aro Volturi in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.parts 1 and 2. "I don’t know if they are going to shoot them simultaneously or not. They may do all the Volturi parts in one swoop," he told EW. "I think that makes financial sense because it is such a huge task to get it all up and running and coordinate this huge cast, especially as they have all got quite full dance cards." – With reporting from Carrie Bell

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