Smallville: "Ambush" Review

"Ambush" opens with Lois and Clark taking a quick snack break from their lovemaking. Are we to assume they've been having sex for the entire week? I guess they needed to get it out of their system. Who can blame them? While, I'm happy that the lovebirds have finally hooked up, again, I'm glad that "Ambush" offered a little sabotage to their relationship bliss. General Lane (Michael Ironside) and Lois' sister Lucy Lane (Peyton List) remind Lois and Clark of the problems still facing them on the road ahead.

Clark trying to win over the General's approval isn't the most original story. I think I've seen the new-boyfriend-trying-to-gain-the-father's-approval storyline at least once a year in some form of media. Still, any guy who has courted a woman for more than a few weeks has probably been in Clark's shoes. Of course, impressing a Four-Star General is a whole other obstacle entirely.

The General's list of tasks for Clark was a hilarious little bit but I'm glad that it proved to have real meaning at the end of the episode. General Lane is obviously overbearing but it wasn't hard to see that he was doing it all to protect his daughters. When he spoke of his wife, it was clear the pain of her loss was still with him. Ironside is familiar to this style of role so the part seemed to come naturally to him. He's always a good fit for a military man. We've seen him play General Lane previously but have never had the opportunity to understand the man behind the temper quite like we do here.

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