Sundays With Seth: 'Family Guy' Recap

'Family Guy' - 'Halloween on Spooner Street'

As MacFarlane noted, it seems to be the one night of the year that we give them a free pass. Maybe it's because Mom is dressing up much the same way. If you go to a costume shop, more than 75 percent of the costumes for women are of the sexy variety, so it's not like women have much choice if they want to get dressed up. I'm a little more worried that Stan was able to find a "sexy Cowardly Lion" costume on 'American Dad.' The thong look wasn't really working for him; though thankfully he works out.

I'd have almost expected to see Peter in that costume, but he was too busy getting caught up in the prank side of the holiday. The creators made up a tradition for Quagmire, Joe and Peter where each year they pick one of them to be the victim of pranks by the other. The story wasn't all that great, but the payoffs of the unnamed virus that downed Quagmire and his kamikaze fake-out made it ultimately worth the time investment.

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